February 5, 2008

In my last post I discussed the InSideOut metaphor of Enterprise IT Infrastructure.  Making the Enterprise the number one player which all ISVs attend to and not the other way around.(ISVs building their product with no reference to their client overall needs). We are talking about the container that intelligently hosts components and systems. What is missing in today’s IT which will make this vision a reality?

  • Move all Data Center resources to Grid and Utility and provide unlimited resources and performance.(Virtual Enterprise)
  • Adopt a more Holistic approach, a top-down, end to end view of the IT Lifecycle.(IT Life-Cycle Management)
  • Provide a Platform that creates one connected controlled environment.(Strategy, Development, Operations and Data)
  • Provide it as a SaaS service.(plug-and-play)
  • Provide Service Oriented Event Driven Architecture.(Organic Real Time)
  • Create open APIs enabling Agility and Innovation.(3rd party)
  • Subscription approach, Hosting model, Managed services.(Lower TCO)

Is there a name for such a monster? Well, actually there is : A level 3 Platform.Marc Andreessen describes in his blog the three different platforms which exist today and explains the difference. It is important to note that not all the attributes mentioned above appear in his description. These are differentiating attributes for such a platform.

In my next posts I will review what is a level 3 platform and address the differences between Ning,Force and MashupFactory.