MashupFactory is a Platform as a Service for planning,creating and managing web site applications and business applications. Startups, ISVs and Enterprises can create any application and for anyone.

You start by creating your project portfolio and setting up your applications, services, events etc. Then you create your domain model and hierarchy. Then you assign behaviour and data to your services. You work by choosing a combination of features from a list of options. Then customize how it works, decide if it’s public or private, and add public artifacts. People who join your team will automatically share all you project details and will be able to develop, operate,message and contact each other.

You continue by deploying you project to various environments and managing it in production in a multi tenant way. You get secure infrastructure, database, integration and business intelligence delivered entirely on line.

Check the About page for more details about MashupFactory’s background.

platforminfrabig picturesoa2lifecycle1app architecture on platform

What is MashupFactory’s business model?

When you use your free account on MashupFactory, we run ads on every page to support the service. That’s how we guarantee free development. You never have to pay a cent to develop,test and deploy. ever.

When you start running your application in production we charge a fee for every business service invocation, storage and bandwidth. That’s our main source of income.

We also offer additional premium services to enhance your new application.


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