Putting it All Togather – The Delivery Platform

The Delivery Platform of a Platform as a Service is the stacking of all the technology aspects I have addressed in my posts so far. The following diagram presents it in the context of applications built on top of it :


As you can see the actual implementation by a customer(in blue), be it a web site developer, an ISV of a saas application or an enterprise developer  is limited to creating the Business UI – currently off the platform (His own web site or enterprise environment) thus preserving the ability to work with any presentation framework or platform, The Business logic and The Business Data– on the platform. Every other type of work required is done by working with the platform services. The life cycle can be viewed in the following diagram :


The platform delivers an end to end solution for the Software Development Life Cycle and to the Software Operations Life Cycle while preserving the high abstraction level required by advanced application development and providing a process and role enabled environment.


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