Enterprise Architecture

An application is never an island. An application is a part of an application portfolio an organization(like an enterprise,smb or web site) manages. Usually the application portfolio is associated with a line of business – a division or group with a specific business context – including different distribution channels(presentation and application). The organization needs to build an organization IT architecture which implements the business and IT strategy defined. This brings into the picture business processes which usually lead to composite applications. the composite applications are built using services and bring to the surface the enterprise service bus. In order to provide for real time capability applications are event enabled. Business events are emitted to a central engine providing Complex Event Processing and Operational Business Intelligence. This as you may recall is the “BIG PICTURE“. Internally an application may grow is size and would require splitting it to modules which have a specific business subject and are self contained. Modules manage their own data and have no dependency on other modules. The out come of all of the above is the enterprise architecture.

The following diagram is an example of the infrastructure architecture a hosted enterprise on MashupFactory will use :


As we saw before with applications the offering has to provide at least an equivalent quality of service copared to the on premise solution. In this case MashupFactory delivers a comparable and similar solution.

In my next post I will present the full stack of technology used to support the Platform as a Service environment.


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